The way things go for me it seems art is primarily about decision making.  Make a decision, and in turn it will effect the next, and the one after that, until no more decisions are left to be made.  Ideally, the result is a series of decisions concluded at just the right time.  Of course, what this means is that there are infinite ways material can produce meaning.  What I want to understand is that moment when something becomes something else. What I am interested in is the relationship between material and meaning. Where does meaning reside?  After all, what is more important, the object or the idea?

The work I do can be divided traditionally into painting and sculpture.  The distinction isn't necessary, but I am interested in the dynamics within that dialogue.  The painting work tends to employ digital programs and printing modes that become alternatives for traditional painting applications.  For a series of text based paintings I used principles of four color process printing to distort meaning within language.  The deposition of meaning is vital in another series using  photographic imagery transferred to canvas.  Appropriation is integral to this work and the sculptural work as well.  I typically begin arrangements with found objects.  The objects are altered, or masked, and a sculptural method, such as molding and casting, concludes the work.  For what I want to do, ambiguity is the prevailing destination.